Facilities List at O’Hare International Airport

Changing Places Facility

The Changing Places Facility features a restroom, shower, and other ADA services for passengers with disabilities traveling at O’Hare International Airport. The facility is located near the gate F3 at Terminal 2. There is a motorized passenger lift system that gives access to the adult changing table. Showers and restrooms are fully accessible.


Many elevators are wheelchair accessible and feature Braille and raised numerals.


Parking lots at the airport have 325 accessible spaces located next to elevators, sidewalks, bus stops, and ATS.


All restrooms at the airport have a wheelchair accessible facilities. Additionally, there are Unisex restrooms for travelers with a companion.


Service, Animal Relief Areas, are located outside of every terminal at the airport. Service animals should be on the leash and accompanied by an owner. 

Mother’s Room

Mother's Rooms are available at all of the terminals for mothers needing to nurse their infants in a clean and quiet space. Mother's rooms feature seating, a sink, a diaper-changing surface, electrical outlets, and soft lighting. All of the Mother's Rooms are open 24 hours every day. At Terminal 1 the facility is located in the Concourse B next to the Gate B10, at Terminal 2 in the Concourse F between Gates E5 and F9, at Terminal 3 at Rotunda, at Terminal 5 in the concourse M next to the gate M14.

Yoga Room

For travelers looking for a place to practice yoga and meditate, there is a Yoga Room at O’Hare International Airport with bamboo floors and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The facility is located at Terminal 3 Rotunda and is open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.