Transportation Types Available at O’Hare International Airport

There are numerous ways passengers can travel between different areas of Chicago and the airport.


Coach USA , Airport Supersaver has an hourly service between O'Hare and Midway from early morning to late evenings and estimated travel time between airports is 1 hour. 

Go Airport Express – Shuttles & SUVs to City/Suburbs has daily shared a ride and non-stop direct service from and to the O'Hare International Airport. The routes include most of the Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs. Shuttles depart in every 10-15 minutes from each terminal. Shuttles are located outside the baggage claim area of the domestic and international terminals. They are located at Terminal 1 Door 1E, Terminal 2, Door 2E, Terminal 3 Door 3E, and terminal 5 Door 5E.

For passengers traveling outside the Chicago area, regional buses are serving O'Hare. Regional buses transport passengers to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Regional bus companies at O’Hare are:

  • Act II Transportation
  • Coach USA Airport Supersaver
  • Coach USA/ Van Galder
  • Coach USA/ Wisconsin Coach Line
  • Express Air Coach
  • PCC/Peoria Charter Coach


An Average price from O’Hare to downtown Chicago is $30-$40. Taxi stands are at all of the terminals on the lower level curb front outside of baggage claim areas. Taxis have meters calculating the fare of a ride. Fares are affected by traffic conditions.

If passengers want to share a ride, they can pay a flat rate of $24 to downtown, $24 to McCormick place, $37 to Midway Airport with a Shared ride service.


Pre-Arranged Rides are available for passengers. Passengers who pre-arranged a limousine ride should call the company after claiming the luggage. The company will provide information about the car, the number plate, the driver and a door number where you can meet the driver.

Some companies can arrange their drivers to meet passengers in the baggage claim area or within the baggage claim area to help with luggage and take the passenger to the limousine.


Rideshare companies provide applications or digital platforms to connect passengers so that they can arrange a shared transportation service. Rideshare loading zones at the airport are Terminals 1 and 2, upper-level waiting area door 2A — waiting area at Terminal 3 on the upper-level door2E, lower-level waiting area at Terminal 5 door 5C.


There is an O’Hare Transfer station for passengers traveling to the city from the airport. Metra’s North Central Service trains to downtown and suburbs can be accessed from the station. Passengers should take airport shuttle bus marked Metra to the Metra station from upper level of each terminal and on the lower level of Terminal 5.